Laura Kishimoto

developer and chic geek

A Canadian in the UK. I like design, red pandas, music, people, and good clean code.

Web development

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I have over a decade of experience in professional front end web development. I am charismatic and as a technical team lead I work to support my team in line with the requirements of my clients.

What I do

I am passionate about front end development with an emphasis on the user experience. I prioritise intuitive web design using atomic design principles and style guide driven development, with an emphasis on usability, accessibility, and brand identity. I have worked on projects that support multiple languages and themes for international audiences.

Where I work

In 2017 I joined Sheffield agency Evoluted in the new role of lead front end developer. In this role, I help to guide the front end team and processes. Evoluted creates PHP-based sites for local and national clients.

Where I’ve worked before

In 2013 I joined Inviqa’s Sheffield office and was promoted to senior front end developer and later technical team lead . I created PHP sites (Magento 1 and 2, Spryker, Drupal, EZ Platform), working closely with back end developers, designers, testers, and our clients in an Agile environment. During my time at Inviqa, I worked on sites for international brands such as, Nokia Networks, Warner Music, and various fashion brands including Missguided and Acne Studios.

Previously, I’ve had roles with organizations in Canada and the UK including Mountain Equipment Co-op, Vancity Credit Union, and the University of York. I’ve also done some freelance work but I really prefer being part of a team.

Everything else

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I’m a former ensemble singer, design junkie, internet sponge, robot fan, food fanatic, red panda lover, and overall chic geek. Once upon a time I was a runner, rock climber, yoga practitioner, and archer, all things I should probably take up again.

What I use

I’m a gadget geek with a Pixel 2 and a Samsung Ultrabook (Series 9 NP900X3C). I run Linux when I can, play with a Switch, and can't seem to kick the Twitter habit.

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